Hi My name is DeShanda Carter. I am a retired NYC Department of Correction Captain. I worked on Rikers Island and other borough facilities for 20 years. Although this was how I earned a living for myself and my two sons I have always had a love for children.  After my Divorce it was difficult relying on others to pick up and drop off my children. I was certainly not putting them on the train or bus. I did not trust cab drivers I thought what if they were intoxicated, rapist or anything else for that matter. Especially in my line of work I thought the worst. I trust no one with my children. Thus Simply Carter Kids Car Service was born, before Uber before Lyft.  I just wanted to provide reliable and safe transportation for children with staff that was kid friendly. Our motto is “Let my family take care of your family.” Your children become part of my family and they are our #1 priority. Children are my business. You can also check out another one of our kid friendly businesses